Security for a Decentralized World


Decentralized System Design

We review the security of the design and implementation of new decentralized systems to identify possible attacks, analyze their impact, suggest remmediations, and propose design improvements.

Penetration Testing

We simulate a skilled attacker trying to penetrate your network or applications, by exploiting the weakest components, to get access to sensitive information and steal all your coins.

Smart Contract Audit

We perform an accurate and detailed study of your smart contract code, design, and interaction with third party components to identify implementation vulnerabilities and flaws in business logic assumptions.

Source Code Audit

Our experts manually inspect the source code of your application or smart contract to identify security weaknesses, demonstrate their impact, and provide advice to improve the security of your product.



Coinspect is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of information security experience and an average of 6 years working in decentralized systems security. Coinspect has contributed to protect key technologies and services of the decentralized world by auditing, reporting vulnerabilities, and proposing improvements for new blockchain implementations, smart contracts, dapps, mobile apps, hardware wallets, smart contract compilers, DeFi systems, and exchanges.


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